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Business MIS Designing:

Every business is unique, every management is unique and so should every MIS - Unique. We help you design the best MIS for your business. We also strive to make it as automatic as possible - i.e. with minimal intervention from your team members.

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MIS Reporting:

As a third party to your organization you can trust us on getting most unbiased reports. We offer MIS reporting on monthly, quarterly basis.

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System Setup for Auto-MIS:

You can set the capture points which can contribute to your business MIS. We help you identify such capture points and advise how these can be used to contribute to a valuable MIS.

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Registration of a Private Limited Company:

This is the time tested and hence the most preferred format when it comes to corporate form of business. It also offer flexibility of adding or removing shareholders. This feature is used to infuse investment against equity share.

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Tally Integration for MIS Reporting:

Tally is the widely used accounting package in India and at the same time it is also the most underutilized package. We can help you unleash the potential of Tally and help you make it more of a MIS package rather than just an accounting package. With right mix of Tally and Excel you can swiftly make the useful MIS.

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Donor MIS - for Charitable Organizations:

This is common requirement in any charitable organization. Periodic reporting to donor is must in cases where there are grant funds or projects funded by specific donors. Hassle free, correct and flexible report can not only add to your reliability but also makes you look professional in handling third party funds.

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