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Is your FCRA registration cancelled in November 2019? Here's a one time opportunity to start fresh!!

In 2015 the FCRA had made it mandatory to file FCRA annual returns in electronic forms. Many organizations did not comply with the directive. Consequently in November 2019, FCRA department cancelled registrations of around 1800 organizations for Non filing of Annual Returns for FY 2017-18, after sending reminders and issuing cautions to defaulting organizations.

As per section 14(3) of the FCRA 2010, once the registration is cancelled, an organization cannot file fresh registration application for 3 years from the date of cancellation.

The cancellation order made many organizations rush to the Ministry with different representations and pleas. Considering these representations, the FCRA has relaxed the waiting period of 3 years. The FCRA in its circular has clarified that it will accept fresh registration applications in till 17th May 2020, provided the defaulting organizations submit their online returns along with penalties.

It is a great breather for FCRA cancelled organizations and should take benefit from this opportunity. The original circular copy is given below for first hand reading.

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