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DIN KYC - FAQs on Director Identification Number KYC

Every DIN holder is required to confirm his/her DIN particulars every year by way of submitting OTPs received on email and mobile number. Failure to comply with KYC process may cause deactivation of DIN and after the due date of the KYC, such DIN holder is not allowed to submit any form till such compliance is completed

There are Two forms to chose from:

  1. If there is no change in the particulars of the DIN - user can submit through web service.

  2. If there are changes in the particulars of the DIN- user is required to submit DIR 3 KYC form.

In this article some frequently asked questions regarding DIN KYC are compiled from the MCA website for better clarity regarding KYC of DIN.

Q1. Who is required to file DIR 3 KYC Form?

Every Director who has been allotted DIN on or before the end of the financial year, and whose DIN status is ‘Approved’, would be mandatorily required to file form DIR-3 KYC before 30th September of the immediately next financial year.

After expiry of the respective due dates, system will mark all non-compliant DINs against which DIR-3 KYC form has not been filed as ‘Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’.

Q2. Who can file DIR 3 KYC form?
Q3 Who can file KYC through DIR-3 web service?
Q4. What are the Dates to keep in mind for compliance for DIN KYC?
Q5. What is consequence of Non- Compliance with DIN KYC?
Q6. Is it mandatory to provide unique mobile number and email id?

With these FAQs hope you have got complete idea about the KYC requirements for DIN holders.

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