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FCRA New Delhi Bank Account is opened - What Next?

Congratulations for opening the FCRA bank account with SBI New Delhi Main Branch (NDMB). After all the process you followed (read "struggle"), there is something more to be done.

What documents to upload while filing form FC 6C?

From the date of receiving bank account details, an organization need to file form 6C within 15 days. You will require to upload following documents:

  1. Letter from bank for previous designated bank account - saying that it was the FCRA designate account.

  2. The letter you received for opening the SBI New Delhi Main branch.

  3. Signature of chief functionary

  4. Seal of organization.

After filing the FC 6C form you will receive an approval certificate from the FCRA Department. Such approval certificate is required to be sent by email to the SBI - New Delhi Main Branch. Then the SBI-NDMB will update such approval in their system. After such update is done, an organization can receive foreign contribution in the SBI-NDMB account.

As we all are aware, an organization cannot receive any foreign contribution in any bank account except the SBI NDMB bank account. However, it can utilize the money lying in their bank accounts which were received before 31st March 2021.

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