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Due Date Extension - Active Form Filing

I am happy to convey that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has extended the due date for filing ACTIVE eForm INC-22A upto 15th June 2019. For more information refer below:

Applicability The following companies are required to file INC-22A filing: Company incorporated on or before 31 December 2017.

Penalty for Non-Compliance If a company does not file Form 22A or ACTIVE before 15th June 2019, the company would be marked as ACTIVE non-compliant.

When a company is marked as ACTIVE non-compliant, it would not be able to effect any of the following changes:

Penalty of Rs.10,000 will be applicable for regularization

Changes in authorized capital (Form SH-07)

Changes in paid-up capital (Form PAS-03)

Changes in Director (Form DIR-12) (cessation would be allowed).

Changes in Registered Office (Form INC-22)

Amalgamation or Merger (INC-28)

If a company files Form INC-22A or ACTIVE after 15th June 2019, a penalty of Rs. 10,000 would be charged. On payment of the penalty and filing of all overdue returns, the company would be marked again as ACTIVE compliant.

Hence, we request you to take this opportunity and regularize the ACTIVE compliance at the earliest.

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